Saturday, October 22, 2011

Freedom Writers

Freedom Writers
Freedom Writers was a good movie. This movie is a frank and formulaic. It encourages people do not give up easily when they run into a horrible, difficult and dangerous thing in the world, especially for students. First of all, the movie was attracted because when Erin became a teacher and assigned to freshman student in the first year in high school, all of the students disrespecting and laughing at her at the beginning, but she faced up to the troubles manfully and used the holocaust to relate to them. As a result, her students were interested by the story. After this, the movie told us Erin had sympathy with students. She used of her second salary to buy some new books and journals to give her students to read and write anything they want every day. Thereby, her students very surprise because the school never gave them some new books to study. Lastly, the movie was conspicuous. The students wanted Erin to be followed with and taught them in senior year. However, since Erin was first year to teach, she couldn’t teach beyond freshman. In order to she could teach senior students, she had to have exceptions from school superintendent. Her students could arise their reading and writing score because of Erin’s effort. In conclusion, Freedom writers reflected modern social realism and idealist. People need plenty of confidence comes from some people’s support and encourage. Freedom Writers was a significant education movie.

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