Friday, December 9, 2011

Blog Evaluations

1. "3 Questions"
      These questions let us know what problem I had before. How to improve myself English and understand what the different between before and now is.

2. "Comments"
      This exercise lets us to get in touch with classmates. we shared the information and understand what situation they have.

3. "Learning Styles Surveys"
       I like this survey because it told me what advantage and weakness I have. Therefore, I know what studying method I should do.

4. "Freedom Writers" - 1 Paragraph Essay
       We wrote this essay about the movie which it is very helpful. This movie lets people to help some foreign human being, so people should know what equal rights are.

5. "Daily English"
      It looks like daily journal, but I like to keep track of using English I spoke. Moreover, I improve my speaking English.

6. "Freedom Writers" - 3 Paragraph Essay
      Step by step, our essay's format needs to write three paragraphs. We learn the instruction use to separate introduction, body, and conclusion. It improve our writing.

7. "A Good Place to Study" - 3 Paragraph Essay
      This is our last essay on Blog. This essay lets me get more information where a good place to study is. Therefore, I found the good place is PCC library.

8. "2 Recommended Websites"
      I found some good websites from Internet. Two of those I recommend to ESL students. It is very helpful to look at these website because we can learn more English outside of school.

9. "Visit a Classmate's Recommended Websites"
       I could get some other good websites from classmates, and it lets us to share own information again. I like to visit classmates' website.

10. "Blog Evaluations"
        This class is an online class. It helps students how to study on the Internet, and lets us know how to research on the Internet. I deeply appreciate our Johnson. Even though she goes to jury duty after the beginning of class, but she always uploads some some assignment on her website and gives us to do them. She is a responsible professor. Thank you so much!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Classmate's recommended website
This website is not only provides couple contries' news, but also it has Economic, Health, Education, and so on. Therefor, people can know some news and learn some English on this Website. In addition, this Website has video on it, and you could watch and hear it. It is cool...
When you enter this Website, you would see some World's News. It includes Politics,Justice, Entertainment, etc. It also provides some interest videos on it. When you are leisure, do not hesitate to click this Website to watch and learn.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

2 Recommended Websites
This website includes grammar, vocabulary, writing, listening, and so on. It can help ESL students to study without books. When students have leisure time, they can use computer to connect Internet to learn English.
This website includes every skill. The most important skill is Test Preparation. It is good for students to practice their test, and know what their level are.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Good Place to Study

      PCC Library         
            Many students choose their good place for studying. They like to study alone, with friends, or group. PCC library is a good place to study.              
            First of all, library on campus provides a very quiet and learning environment for studying. It is usually filled with tables and corners for people. Some students would rather study with friends in room than alone. Others would like to study on the quiet corner by themselves. In addition, many computers are supplied in the library. Most of students can use computers or internet to do their assignments without any charge. Students just type their student ID’s number and last name on a computer code Interface. Therefore, it will be able to access to window. If you have online classes, this is the best way you can study with library’s computer. Last, library’s books are most useful, and it has several research materials around you. Some students use library’s textbooks to copy for reading. Others use them for study the other courses. Many of professors require students to go to library and find some books to do their research papers.
            In conclusion, students who think learning in class is not enough and still want to increase more time to study. PCC library is the best choice to study, do homework, and research.  It will give you a good atmosphere for studying. Our school library is a wonderful place for students to study.
                                                                                                                number of words: 237

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Freedom Writers

 Freedom Writers is a frank and formulaic. It encourages people do not give up easily when they run into a horrible, difficult and dangerous thing in the world, especially for students. Freedom Writers was a good movie.
First of all, the movie was attracted because when Erin became a teacher and assigned to freshman student in the first year in high school, all of the students disrespecting and laughing at her at the beginning, but she faced up to the troubles manfully and used the holocaust to relate to them. As a result, her students were interested by the story. After this, the movie told us Erin had sympathy with students. She used of her second salary to buy some new books and journals to give her students to read and write anything they want every day. Thereby, her students very surprise because the school never gave them some new books to study. Lastly, the movie was conspicuous. The students wanted Erin to be followed with and taught them in senior year. However, since Erin was first year to teach, she couldn’t teach beyond freshman. In order to she could teach senior students, she had to have exceptions from school superintendent. Her students could arise their reading and writing score because of Erin’s effort.
 In conclusion, Freedom writers reflected modern social realism and idealist. People need plenty of confidence from other people’s support and encourage. Do not think all people are bad. Freedom Writers was a significant education movie.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Daily English 5

I went to my friend's house for Halloween's party. Everyone dressed up and took some pictures on there. later, I saw someone danced in the middle  of the yard. We made some fun at the wonderful party.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Daily English 4

When I drove the car on the load, someone asked me how to get to LAX airport. Therefore, I told him what the directions are.